Writing exercises

Writing exercises are a great way to get your creativity going. Just like you need to warm up before doing physical exercise it’s often helpful to warm up your brain before writing. So try this writing exercise, it might even inspire you to write a story.

Imagine yourself in a scene, you can use this picture below – which is from the Pixabay website – one of your own photos, a picture from a magazine or old calendar.


Look at the picture and imagine yourself, or your character, in the scene. Use your senses – what can you/they see,  hear, feel, touch – can you bring in taste as well? Describe the scene as vividly as you can. Go wild with your adverbs and adjectives!

Then bring another character into the scene. What do they look like? Where are they going?

You can expand this further by having yourself/your character meet this new character and engage them in dialogue.